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Professional mobile teeth whitening specialists
with a passion for brighter, whiter smiles.

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So White?

We are professional mobile teeth whitening specialists with a passion for brighter, whiter smiles.

Designed for today’s busy lifestyles, we offer fast
and effective results with little to no discomfort.

Our team of registered dental hygienists will guide you along your whitening journey and helptransform your everyday smile into one you’ll always want to show off!

Our Services


Beautiful Smile

45 minute professional mobile teeth whitening session. Perfect for first time teeth whiteners with light-heavy stains. Up to 10 shades whiter.

Performed by a certified dental hygienist. We come to you!


Beautiful Smile EXPRESS

25 minute professional mobile teeth whitening session. Perfect for a touch up or a first time teeth whitener with very light stain stains. 2-4 shades whiter.

Performed by a certified dental hygienist. We come to you!
*Packages also available!


Host a Teeth Whitening Party!

Our professional mobile teeth whitening service is perfect for group get togethers such as wedding parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday
parties, corporate events or a ladies night!

Groups of 4 or more receive a full 45 minute session at a group rate.

Performed by a certified dental hygienist.

We come to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is teeth whitening safe for my enamel?

Yes! There is no permanent damage caused to the enamel or any other tooth structure. Extensive research and clinical studies indicate that whitening teeth under the supervision of a trained dental professional is safe. In fact, many dental professionals consider
whitening the safest cosmetic dental procedure available.

What causes tooth discolouration?

There are numerous causes; some are genetic, environmental or pharmacological in nature. The most common include aging and consumption of staining substances such as coffee, tea, colas, tobacco, red wine, etc. During tooth formation, consumption of tetracycline, certain antibiotics or excessive fluoride may also cause tooth discoloration.

How long does it take?

Beautiful Smile- 45 minutes of teeth whitening, 1.5 hour total.
Beautiful Smile EXPRESS- 25 minutes of teeth whitening, 1 hour total.
Teeth whitening parties and corporate events- Minimum 2.5-3 hours total, depends on the number of people participating

How long will it last?

Teeth whitening is cosmetic and will vary from client to client depending on your diet, lifestyle, daily habits and genetic enamel make-up. To keep your teeth looking their best, we recommend touch-up Express 25 Minute Sessions every 4-6 months, using our teeth whitening pen regularly as well as flossing and brushing twice daily and regular dental
hygiene visits. Maintenance is key!!!

How white will my teeth be following the treatment?

Everyone is different and results vary per person. It is important to understand that your teeth will only get as white as they genetically can. If you’ve never whitened your teeth before our full 45 minute session is definitely recommended for best results!

Will it cause tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is a relatively common side affect of whitening. If it occurs, it is transient and disappears after the completion of the whitening procedure. Clients may experience very minimal-no tooth sensitivity/discomfort during and/or after treatment. We are proud to say that our teeth whitening system/formula is very gentle yet effective and leaves clients free of “typical teeth whitening discomfort”. If tooth sensitivity develops, a desensitizing toothpaste is recommended such as Sensodyne.

Will fillings, crowns and veneers be affected by the whitening?

Teeth whitening gel will have no negative effect on the integrity of fillings, crowns and veneers but these materials will not whiten in any type of bleaching procedure.  However, the whitening gel may remove staining from composite materials depending in the size of
the restoration.

Is whitening for everyone?

We do not recommend teeth whitening for pregnant women, children under the age of 16 and those taking photosensitive medications such as Accutane or other oral skin care medications. Those with pre-existing medical conditions or severe periodontal problems should consult their physician/dentist prior to undergoing any whitening treatment. Consumers with severely tetracycline stained teeth may choose bonding, crowns or veneers as the best option as tetracycline stain cannot be removed by whitening. Remember, teeth cannot be bleached whiter than genetically possible. *Results vary per client

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I approached SO WHITE because I have been wanting to have a whiter smile for quite some time now.
I had heard of other whitening programs offered at my dentist; but they always seemed to require several visits or a huge time
and money investment to get the work done.

What I found most exciting was that SO WHITE offered a completely different alternative to teeth whitening.
I didn’t need to visit the dentist because SO WHITE offers professional 1 hour teeth Whitening in the privacy and comfort of your own home!

SO WHITE offered me a whitening solution without the need for special lights and long waits. My SO WHITE dental technician arrived at my home with all of the professional tools and the exclusive whitening product and within 1 hour I was looking at my new white teeth in the mirror!

Very professional service and I am a very satisfied customer indeed!
I highly recommend it to everyone.

Darrin Jones

Convenient and exceptional service!
I loved my first time whitening experience with SoWhite. After seeing a friend use
Bianca's service I went out on a limb and booked it. She worked with me to find a
time that worked for my schedule, came on time, and was incredible kind and
accommodating. I never felt like this was a chore for her, and her previous
experience as a dental hygienist put me at ease. Also, since she's worked in
dentistry for years she was able to understand me when I tried to chat during the
whitening. Even translated for my roommate when I asked her to turn music on!
Overall I'd say it couldn't have gone better and I'd for sure recommend her to
friends and family.

Erika Geremia

The Best Teeth Whitening Service
I have had my teeth whitened by a few different providers and So White's service
is the first time my teeth haven't beens sensitive after! Not only that, the results
are amazing and Bianca is extremely knowledgable and friendly. Thank you for
my pearly whites!!

Kelsey Rose

What a glorious experience!
Convenient and efficient. My teeth are pearly white. Highly recommend Bianca.

Beata Zbierowska

“I’m a realtor and having a bright, white, friendly smile is one of my trademarks. I get complimented almost daily on how white my teeth are. My schedule is always unpredictable, so having So White come to me was a huge time-saver. Since my first time, I’ve been recommending So White to all my friends, family and colleagues and will definitely be using them again in the future to keep my smile just so white.”

Corbin Seligman


This was my first teeth whitening experience, so I wasn’t sure what to expect!
 Not only were our results amazing but having the lovely Bianca come to us in
the comfort of our home, was just a delight.  I would HIGHLY recommend
SoWhite.  Can’t wait till our next appointment.

Deborah Walke

Best Teeth Whitening Service in Toronto
Bianca and the SoWhite service is simply outstanding, in every essence of the
word. Not only did my teeth look immediately whiter, they stayed whiter over time
and continue to shine with the use of proper dental hygiene. SoWhite’s pricing is
also astonishingly affordable for the service and results provided, especially in
comparison to some of the less-effective, more-expensive providers in the
market. Bianca was on-hand to answer any and every question I had and such a
joy to converse with during the session! Not to mention, having this service in the
comfort of your own home is completely unrivalled; there’s nothing else like it
here in Toronto! I can’t wait for my next session!

Jay McCauley

Best teeth whitening experience ever!!
SoWhite is the ONLY way to get your teeth whitening done. Not only do they
come right to the comfort of your own home (seriously I was watching my favorite
movie in my living room as I had it done) but there’s also no sensitivity during or
after the treatment. I’ve had bad experiences before but this was amazing!

Matthew Pauderis

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