Is Your Lemon Water Doing More Harm Than Good?

Who doesn’t love lemon water?

I personally drink lemon water every single morning to ‘kick start’ my digestive system along with all of its other health benefits. However, the truth is lemons are HIGHLY ACIDIC and can cause erosion in tooth enamel over time. The enamel on your teeth is what gives them that pearly white look.

Signs of erosion include:

• Discolouration
• Sensitivity
• Transparent edges of teeth

These are the tips I follow to keep my enamel strong:

• Use a straw!!! (An environmentally friendly straw of course!)
• Hydrate + rinse your mouth with water immediately after consuming (DO NOT BRUSH immediately after!!)
•Use a toothpaste designed to strengthen tooth enamel + protect against
the effects of erosion, my fave brands are Colgate and Sensodyne.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

I hope you follow these tips and find them useful! #sowhitetips